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The orientation theme is crucial and can not be intended just as an arid associatio between interests and abilities on a side and career on the other side: it does not want to build young people that uncritically follow an formation on a stright line but that know put in relation their own strenght points with the society, with what it has to offer them and with a job world that keeps changing.

Even characterizing a specific goal, on a fluid reality our formation can not be static and linear: must know how to project ourselves in order to be able to face every change at best.

A well guided guy will hardly abandon studies, and an efficient orientation is also able to underline how to “change road” when the choice we made does not correspond to the expectations and actitudes

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#progettiamocilfuturo offers a proposal of orientation completely free, that wants to be at the service of students, going with them all along the path that goes from school world to the job one, helping them to face the hardest hubs that it presents ;

It wants to be a support instruments for students, but also for parents and teachers, able to put on a system all the experiences that young people live and make them exploit on an educational view: school, family, sport, social life, hobbies become many moments on a unique permanent formation.

To reach these goals, #progettiamocilfuturo is based on 4 fondamental areas:

  1. Ourselves: This area is dedicated to the reflection of ourselves, on our own interests and on future aspirations; students can test themselves and evaluate their competences, actitudes, potentialities and individuate their points of weakness figuring out their goals to get better.
  2. Job world: This area let students know the tendences and the evolutions of job world. Younngs can make a concrete experience of job world meetting testimonials and visiting enterprises to know the professional figures and different productives areas; at last they have the chance to start familiarise with labour law and recruiting process.
  3. Society: This area offers to students the chance to know different services they can approach to cultivate interests and passions and to face practical needs. In the the view of creating an active citizenship, certains themes such as gender equality and group collaboration are processed.
  4. Formative opportuinities: This area let students know the formative offer and to discover the chances they have to build up their competences luggage, usel to reach their own personal and professional goals.

"I want to say, to all the kids: let’s seize these chances, listen who has an experience to share, a message to give, because you don’t know who could tell you the right word, the suggestions you are waiting for, or make a spark born into you."


Project activities has been idealized and written by the team, after a long work of recognition of main experiences and regional, national and european activities amended after the trial with 24 ligurian classes during the scholastic year 2016\2017.

The trial has been monitored with questionnaires submitted to students before and after the project and the answers show the effectiveness of guidance path related to control classes, that present lower percentage regard tho knowledge of European Unione key competences or entrepreneur qualities.

Feedbacks from students and teachers underlined the goodness of experiencial approach of guidance project, that is based on learning by doing and that has as main goals to involve student trough group works, classes debates, meeting with experts and testimonials and visits in enterprises and territory services.

The guidance project is an ispiration that can be modified and adaptated by teachers respect to classes needs: it is possible to make the entire path or just a small part, it is possible to anticipate or posticipate the activities provided for higher or lower classes and recalibrate the moduls according to students needs; the project team experts are available to co-project the path together with teachers.

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