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The meeting with testimonials coming from different areas plays a significant role into helping students to explore, clarify and to define at best the choices related to their own professional and formative path, allowing them to reach informations that are significant and that coming from qualified sources.

Trough the engagement of companies, young people have the chance to acceed to concrete informations about job world, in addition to make first steps into “networking activities”.

Multiple are the scientific feedback that show how the guidance path with this kind of activities reduce the percentage of early school-leaving: they ammeliorate the accucaracy of kids school choice and help them to take path that could offer good job opportunities but that still are stigmatised from society, for their level qualification and for gender stereotypes.

To offer this chance to young ligurian is necessary the availability of companies, professionals and entrepeneurs that would able available to dedicate some hours of their time to share their own experience with students of regional schools.

Testimonial ready to inspire our youngs future, especially to ones with least possibilities of keeping in touch with positives models.

For this reason #progettiamocilfuturo has built the testimonials register collecting the availabilty of companies and professionals that will meet kids helping them focus on their actual and future choices trough the storytelling of their experiences.

Believe to us

Progessional figures


Discover jobs, meet the testimonials

Students will have the chance to meet different workers on a casual setting, sitting on small groups everyone with a different testimonial (around 10 minuts for group\testimonial)

That starting from an introduction of their professional profile that allows students making questions about work position and studies.

A real speed network that allows students to have a global view of different jobs. It will be possible to organise it for companies, introducing different figures present into the same company.

Testimonial introduces himself

An introduction trough storytelling of his experience, that could inspire young people understand job world.

It can be incentrated on their own path and their experience, or about jobs introduction on their reference sector.

It is possibile to start from the story of their daily routine to get to the speech about aspiractions and perspectives for this specific job, by confronting with students that could interact trough questions and tales.

Meetings simulation and workshop on personal branding

Real moments in which the student will have the chance to sustain job interviews, selection trials, receiving a feedback from human resources experts about how to get their perfomance better and about how to communicate their potentialities and points of strenght, to show ourselves in a more attractive way during the selection process.

Contrast between the gender stereotypes and promotion of gender equality

Meeting with professionals that dispel prejudices ans stereotypes linked to the conviction that can exist jobs and studies just for male o female, helping students to choose with a major awareness, promoting the STEM especially around girls and reflecting on the importance to have same opportunities and awards.
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Who we work with?

From the apprentice to the CEO, from local realities to freelancers, each of them can contribute to realise this project helping young people open their eyes and looking in a new way how to project their future.

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