#PROGETTIAMOCILFUTURO is an efficient orientation path to help students to recognize their talents, their ambitions approaching them to the job world. The goal is giveng them isntruments to make a conscious choice about how to pursue their path betwenn studying and working.

Activities are based on learning- doing, on a esperiencial and engaging perspective to each student, with their enterprises visits, to territory services, to meetings with testimonial and experts.

Discover how activities are organised for each scholastic degree.

Step by step: an approach for modules

Modules are divided in “Unity of work”, which constitute singles orientation activities. Every module is introduced with a sintetic description of contents, of activities proposed and list of unity of work.

For each is indicated the title, the duration and educational context, namely the place where it is suggested to develop activities.

In the toolkit, reserved to teachers, in addition to the modules division you will find:

First of all we introduce the summary of the activities. It is painted as a dialogue between teacher and student, and we can find the explication of the activities “Step by step” in the “Notes”.
In some occasions a “remark moment” is proposed, to be developed at the end of activities, to set up and to re-elaborate what has been done, in order to be interiorized.
Here, we find the instructions to do the activities: in the first part of this section we underline the must have materials, required to do the UDL; in the other one we underline the time table of development.